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Please fill out the questionnaire below so that we can work together to prepare your wedding day photography timeline.  

If you do not have the answer to some questions that's okay! Go ahead and complete the form as best you can and email the photographer to discuss details.  Once you submit this form Lauren Athalia will email the first draft of your photography itinerary for you ( and your Planner) to review.   

Please let Lauren know if you have any questions or concerns. 

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Bride's Name
Indoor or Outdoor?
Indoor or Outdoor?
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If yes, do you have a private moment planned? If no, then do you want to do a blindfolded couple shot? Or just maybe on either side of a door shot?
Please specify couples
Please specify couples.
After you enter the reception what order do you plan to do the following: announcement, first dance, dinner, toast, cut cake, open dance, garter/bouquet toss, exit. Include any additional events.
Do you have an exit theme? i.e. classic car, bubbles, sparklers.
List any specific or unusual shots that you want. i.e. entire family, specific people you want a photo with like out of town friend, or a particular non traditional pose.